Cell Phone Signature

Cell Phone Signature - Free. Always and everywhere

We activate your mobile phone signature. Please call and make an appointment. Don't forget your official photo ID and your mobile phone!


The Cell Phone Signature now in your municipality!

The Cell Phone Signature works with all mobile phones and is free of charge!

What is the Cell Phone Signature?

How to sign an online form

  1. Fill out the form and click on "Sign & Send" (if your mobile phone signature has already been activated. Otherwise just click on "Send".

  2. Click on "Mobile BKU" (BKU stands for Citizen Card Environment).

  3. Enter mobile phone number and signature password.
  4. TAN is sent via SMS or in the A-Trust mobile phone signature app.

  5. Enter your TAN or confirm it in the app and the municipal form will be sent to the municipality with your personal signature.