Electronic Official Gazette / Ordinances

Electronic official journal for the publication of the ordinances of all Carinthian municipalities according to § 15 K-AGO

According to an amendment to the Carinthian General Municipal Code (K-AGO), since January 1, 2017, all municipal ordinances have been published in an electronic official journal on the Internet. For this purpose, an electronic gazette is to be set up at the Internet address of each municipality. The documents to be published electronically must first be generated by the municipality in a "reliable process" and provided with an electronic signature, the official signature of the authority.

The authentic publication of municipal ordinances on the Internet should - in addition to pursuing administrative reform objectives - also facilitate the factual access of municipal citizens to municipal legal provisions. In order to ensure the widest possible access to the documents, it is planned that the announcements in the electronic Official Journal must be accessible at all times without proof of identity, free of charge and of course also barrier-free.

You can find the ordinances of the market town of Feistritz ob Bleiburg on amtstafel.at (from 2017)

as well as in the Federal Legal Information System (RIS) (before 2017) and below on the website.